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Syndy Buchanan


Professional Bio

Syndy Buchanan is a Relationship Coach for over 8 years is the founder of “The Unbroken
Experience”, a program designed to strengthen the foundation of relationships through 1:1
and Group Coaching, Community Workshops, Training, & Events & events so the relationships
in our lives can remain Unbroken. Syndy also uses her #1 Radio Show on Power 108.9 called,
“The Unbroken Experience w/Syndy B. to further push her mission forward of rebuilding
family units within our communities.

Raised in a small town in Virginia, armed with a BS in Psychology, and near completion of a
Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy & Counseling, all the core values that were
instilled in Syndy motivated the mission behind The Unbroken Experience. She truly believes
that people possess the desire to have healthy personal and professional relationships and can
if they are equipped with the right mental tools while doing life with others. Syndy is also an accomplished Author of her New Release, "While Walking in My Stilettos", how to walk through life's challenges with style, grace, and poise.

Syndy is a proud wife of 10 years to Ryan Buchanan, and mother to two wonderful children,
Isaiah and Synia. Residing in Atlanta, GA since 1999, Syndy continues to serve her community
with her professional skills, community, and advocacy involvement.

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