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Syndy Buchanan


The Woman

The fighter, the survivor, the hard-worker...the woman!

Syndy, raised in a small town in northern Virginia right outside of Washington, D.C., has walked a colorful journey of life. Many see her smile, her optimism, and the outward appearance of the seemingly ease of walking through life with poise and class. One would never imagine a triumphant overcoming of such immense challenges in her upbringing, a survivor of domestic violence, a force with which to be reckoned in the world at the early age of 17, and surviving without compromising in the professional world as a young adult woman. Syndy uses her experiences as a useful resource of understanding the strength of a person and as a woman, and has a mission of unveiling that knowledge within as many individuals willing to put in the work to discover it.

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Syndy's speaking topics align with her passion around Personal Development and Women's Empowerment. Syndy's life journey gives her a unique ability to connect and relate to people from various walks of life, and the understanding of what is required to rise up beyond the challenges of life. She leverages corporate, entrepreneurial, and personal experiences to deliver advice, anecdotes, humor, and compelling stories which inspire, engage, inform, and move audiences to action!

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